NEW88 – Instructions on How to Calculate Three Card Card Scores Most Accurately from Experts

Game three-card card It’s been around for a long time, so in terms of it, it’s no longer strange to people. But how to win, calculate points three card card Acumen and understanding of scoring terms are still unknown.
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The most accurate way to calculate points for three-card cards

Game three-card card is to use a 52-card poker deck and is counted when playing with 2 or more people. This is one of the subjects that players really like. The reason is because it is fast and easy to play but not easy to score goals. Because if you don’t understand the algorithms and how to calculate three-card scores and money, the loss percentage will be very high. To limit the risks that need to be overcome, here are the things you need to know. So today, let’s join casino NEW88  Please answer these questions.

Some rules of the game and how to score three-card cards you need to know

Similar to fish shooting, cockfighting, and disc jockey three-card card There are also separate scoring algorithms that of course talk about the complexity and variety of scoring methods three-card card will be easier.

  • How to deal: Each person will receive three poker cards, and will be dealt in a clockwise direction.
  • Cards in: It will be arranged from largest to smallest: Hearts, clubs, spades, and the highest will be diamonds.
  • Game: When everyone is ready in the starting position, players are not allowed to leave the table midway.
  • Chapter: Also known as the house, there will be many benefits. Players will compare points with the dealer to determine winning or losing.

How to play three cards

In any sport, understanding the rules before playing is very important and necessary. At that time, we will no longer be surprised by the rules that the card game sets out, we will play with the mindset of being knowledgeable about the game, and it will be much easier for yourself when calculating points. three-card card. 

Don’t act like you’re a new player, as you will easily be read and lose a lot. In three-card card There will be two ways to play: turtle cards and scratch cards.

  • Turtle scratch card: This is a best-take-all style of play, players will bet equal amounts of money according to the initial agreement. After comparing the cards, the person with the highest score will win all the bets placed on the table, while the loser will get nothing. In each turtle game, there will be 1 winner. In case there are people at the table with the same score, an extra hand will be held to easily determine the winner or loser.
  • Card scratch: If the house stipulates a minimum bet of 500,000 VND. Then you can bet any amount from 500. Then the loser will give the money to the house. The winner will get the house bet equal to the amount you bet. But to be able to build a bookmaker, you need a lot of capital to be able to do it.

How to compare scores for the three-card subject

After the cards are dealt, each person will receive 3 poker cards. You calculate its total score together and convert it into a score. Unless otherwise:

  • Scratch cards: When you hold 3 identical cards in your hand, it is called a wax scratch card. The chance of winning the bet will be very high when receiving this card.
  • Divine scratch card: Means 3 consecutive cards. When we receive these three cards, we will consider their suit, classified according to hearts, diamonds, diamonds, and spades from large to small.
  • Western Scratch Cards: When you own three J Q K cards in your hand, your winning rate is high.

It won’t be difficult if you learn carefully about the rules of the game and how to calculate three-card scores carefully

Rules for scoring three-card cards

Subject three-card card is a form of card playing based on the number of points, so the first thing we care about is the method Calculate the three-card score How will. Let’s find out with NEW88.

  • The ace (also called black in the local language) will be counted as 1 point.
  • The number 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 will keep its own number.
  • J Q K will also be counted as 10 points.

For example, if you take out the number 9, number 3 and number 7 in your hand, there will be 19 points, so for that game you get 9 points.

Very necessary tips when playing three-card cards 

To win, everyone should set their own rules, tricks, and playing techniques from the experiences they have gathered. When playing, you must keep your mind comfortable and calm because if your spirit is not good, your loss rate will be very high. You should find players with equal or higher capital than you, then when you bet, you will easily win. When you feel like you can no longer untangle the problem, you should stop right away so you don’t lose all your money.
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Things to note when playing three-card cards

If you are the one holding the bet, you will not have the opportunity to bet on someone else’s door. Players cannot use two types of play: door and border in one game.

Learn to observe and analyze carefully because you don’t know what type of player your opponent is, because no one will take their money for the customer.

If your opponent suddenly increases your bet, be on guard because you don’t know what moves they will play.

Through the article shared by NEW88, it will help you understand relevant information about the game and how to calculate points.three-card card so quick-witted. And don’t forget to click the linkNEW88 to play with us.

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