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Transforming Genetic Sequencing Machine: GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation

We give thanks for the outstanding breakthroughs in science and medicine as Thanksgiving draws near. Among the key contributors to progress in genetic sequencing is GeneMind Biosciences. Their state-of-the-art MrLH-96 automated workstation has revolutionized the field of genetic sequencing machine, enabling efficient and accurate high-throughput laboratory processes. With its advanced features and precise control, the MrLH-96 automated workstation has become an invaluable tool for researchers and scientists.

Streamlining Genetic Sequencing with GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation

Unparalleled Automation and Efficiency:

The MrLH-96 automated workstation by GeneMind is designed to automate high-throughput sequencing library construction and laboratory liquid processing. Its specially designed consumable stacking system allows for complete automation without the need for on-site manpower. By eliminating manual intervention, researchers can achieve seamless workflows, reducing the risk of errors and increasing overall efficiency. This advanced automation capability saves valuable time and resources, empowering laboratories to process a large number of samples quickly and accurately.

Precise Temperature Control for Optimal Results:

GeneMind’s MrLH-96 workstation incorporates temperature-controlled oscillation accessories imported from Germany’s Inheco brand. These accessories ensure stable oscillation and precise temperature control within the range of 4 to 70°C. This level of temperature control is crucial for the success of NGS hybridization capture processes, as it creates the ideal environment for sequencing library construction. Researchers can rely on the MrLH-96 workstation to maintain optimal conditions throughout the genetic sequencing process, resulting in reliable and reproducible data.

Customizable Workflow Design:

The MrLH-96 automated workstation offers a script design system that allows users to explore multiple applications and customize workflow designs. This flexibility enables researchers to adapt the workstation to their specific experimental requirements, optimizing the sequencing process for their unique needs. The ability to customize workflows enhances productivity and accelerates scientific discoveries by tailoring the workstation’s capabilities to meet the specific demands of various genetic sequencing projects.


As we express gratitude for the advancements in genetic sequencing machine this Thanksgiving, we recognize GeneMind Biosciences’ commitment to innovation and their dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions. The MrLH-96 automated workstation represents a transformative tool in genetic sequencing, revolutionizing the way researchers unravel the mysteries of the genome. With GeneMind’s continued efforts, we can anticipate further breakthroughs in genetic research that will shape the future of healthcare and scientific discovery.

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