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The Green Revolution: Sungrow and Type 2 EV Chargers

Sungrow, a leading name in the solar and energy storage industry, is not just about harnessing the power of the sun. Their commitment to renewable energy and innovative solutions extends to the world of electric vehicle charging. In this article, we explore Sungrow’s role in the Type 2 EV charger landscape, providing an eco-friendly alternative to conventional charging systems.

Powering the Electric Future

As electric vehicles (EVs) become a more common sight on our roads, the need for efficient and sustainable charging infrastructure is paramount. Sungrow recognizes this need and has stepped up with a range of AC Chargers, including the impressive AC007UK-01.

AC Charger Solutions by Sungrow

Sungrow’s AC Chargers are designed with an eco-conscious approach, focusing on reliability and versatility. The AC007UK-01 exemplifies these principles. With its Type 2 charging plug, it’s compatible with standard electric vehicles, making it a practical choice for various users.

User-Friendly Features

This AC Charger comes equipped with a pre-mounted 7m Type 2 charging cable, making it incredibly user-friendly. The compact design allows for wall mounting and even optional pole mounting. Sungrow doesn’t just provide an EV charger; they offer a seamless charging experience.

Smart and Efficient Management

Sungrow’s commitment to innovation extends to its chargers. The AC007UK-01 offers control and visualization via iEnergyCharge. This charger is also capable of OCPP1.6J communication, enabling you to stay connected and informed about your EV charging in real-time.

Sustainable and Forward-Thinking

Sungrow’s AC Charger solutions go beyond the basic idea of charging an electric vehicle. These chargers are designed with sustainability in mind. By efficiently using solar energy alongside Sungrow’s 1/3 phase solution, you can maximize the usage of clean energy, reducing your carbon footprint.

Destination Charging and Beyond

Sungrow understands that EV charging solutions need to adapt to different scenarios. Their chargers are versatile, making them suitable for various settings, from commercial locations to public areas. Whether you’re at a company, supermarket, shopping mall, hospital, or coffee shop, Sungrow’s chargers are designed to fit your needs.

The Road Ahead: Sungrow and Sustainable EV Charging

As the world transitions to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, Sungrow’s Type 2 EV chargers are poised to play a pivotal role in promoting cleaner transportation. With their dedication to innovation and sustainability, Sungrow is a brand to watch as they continue to lead the way in renewable energy solutions.


Sungrow’s foray into Type 2 EV chargers is a testament to their commitment to a greener world. Their AC Charger, especially the AC007UK-01, exemplifies their dedication to sustainable solutions. As the electric vehicle revolution gains momentum, Sungrow is ready to power a cleaner, more eco-conscious future.

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