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Techking: Empowering the Mining Industry with Superior Haul Truck Tires

Since its inception in 2007, Techking Tires Limited, a dedicated provider of mining and construction tires, has been transforming the industry. Techking intends to become a leading brand in the mining and construction tire market by focusing on specific applications, integrated R&D, and quality control. In this post, we will look at Techking’s dedication to quality and highlight their superb haul truck tires. As Thanksgiving approaches, we also commemorate the spirit of appreciation and honor advancements in the mining sector that improve productivity.

Driving Efficiency and Performance:

Techking’s haul truck tires are designed to meet the demanding needs of the mining industry, providing superior performance and durability. These tires incorporate innovative technologies and features that optimize load capacity, strengthen casings, and enhance overall wear resistance. With Techking’s haul truck tires, mining operations can enjoy heightened efficiency and productivity.

+15% Casing Strength: Unmatched Durability:

Techking’s haul truck tires, such as the SUPER AM S, boast a remarkable +15% casing strength compared to conventional tires. This enhanced strength is achieved through the use of ultra high-tensile steel wires, significantly reducing the risk of flat tires and ensuring superior durability even in harsh mining environments. Techking’s commitment to quality ensures that their haul truck tires withstand the rigors of heavy-duty operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

160% Load Capacity: Optimal Efficiency:

With a double-layer nylon chafer, Techking’s haul truck tires provide a substantial increase in load capacity, reaching an impressive 160%. This innovative design reinforces the tire bead, enabling it to carry heavier loads without compromising performance or safety. Techking’s haul truck tires are engineered to support mining operations, allowing for optimal efficiency and reduced transportation costs.

Wear Indicator Line: Enhanced Maintenance Planning:

Techking’s haul truck tires feature a convenient ‘wear indicator line’ on the tire shoulders. This visual indicator allows for easy monitoring of the remaining tire life, enabling proactive maintenance planning. By quickly assessing tire wear, mining operators can optimize their maintenance schedules, reducing unexpected downtime and improving overall operational efficiency.


Techking’s haul truck tires exemplify the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the mining industry. With features such as +15% casing strength, 160% load capacity, and a wear indicator line, Techking’s haul truck tires redefine performance and durability. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, Techking celebrates the advancements that enhance mining operations and expresses gratitude to customers and partners for their invaluable support. Embrace the power of superior haul truck tires from Techking and experience enhanced efficiency, productivity, and reliability in your mining endeavors.

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