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SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850: Achieve Comfortable and Precise Focusing with Adjustable Non-Stop Damping

SmallRig, a reputable brand known for its top-notch camera accessories, introduces the SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850. This remarkable wireless follow focus system is meticulously crafted to deliver filmmakers unparalleled precision and comfort in their focusing endeavors. The SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850 excels in its adjustable non-stop damping feature, allowing filmmakers to achieve seamless and accurate focus adjustments for both wireless and follow focus systems. Its versatility caters to lenses of varying damping levels, ensuring optimal performance in any shooting situation.

Dynamic Damping Coefficient: 0.6 kgf-1.8 kgf

The SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850 offers an adjustable dynamic damping coefficient ranging from 0.6 kgf to 1.8 kgf. This innovative feature allows you to fine-tune the damping level according to the specific lens you are using. Whether you’re working with lightweight prime lenses or heavy cinema lenses, the follow focus system adapts to accommodate different damping requirements. Achieve precise focusing control and eliminate unnecessary vibrations or overshooting, ensuring a comfortable and seamless focusing experience.

Accommodates Lenses of Various Damping Levels

Filmmakers often work with lenses that have different levels of damping. SmallRig understands this challenge and has designed the Follow Focus F60 3850 to accommodate lenses with varying damping levels. This versatility enables you to achieve the desired level of control and responsiveness for each lens. The adjustable non-stop damping feature ensures smooth focusing even with lenses that have differing resistance levels. With SmallRig’s Follow Focus F60 3850, you can confidently switch between lenses and maintain consistent, precise focus control throughout your shoot.


SmallRig’s Follow Focus F60 3850 revolutionizes the way filmmakers achieve comfortable and precise focusing control. The adjustable non-stop damping feature, with its dynamic damping coefficient of 0.6 kgf-1.8 kgf, ensures smooth and accurate focus adjustments. This wireless follow focus system accommodates lenses with various damping levels, giving you the flexibility to work with different lenses without compromising on precision. SmallRig continues to provide filmmakers with reliable and innovative solutions, empowering them to bring their creative visions to life. Experience the SmallRig Follow Focus F60 3850 and take your focusing capabilities to new heights.

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