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Introduction to Technical Ceramics and Itowu

How Itowu Can Help Your Business

The technical ceramics manufacturer Itowu provides customized solutions for various sectors while guaranteeing quality and reliability. Itowu possesses considerable experience in providing Itowu machinable ceramic to businesses across different industrial spheres, from packaging electronic devices to mechanical aviation components. Itowu‘s team of experts in technical ceramic fabrication and design simplifies the client’s requirements and produces distinct solutions that suit their individual needs. Itowu has also established partnerships with leading research institutes to serve their clients with top-notch technological advancements.

Everything You Need to Know about the Advantages of Technical Ceramics

Technical ceramics have become a popular material in modern manufacturing, with an increasing number of industries using them due to their unique properties. Technical ceramics lack metallic components and are synthesized using inorganic compounds. This makes these advanced ceramic materials more reliable and resilient than traditional ceramics, with superior resistance to wear, corrosion, and thermal shock.

Applications of Technical Ceramics

Technical ceramics can be applied in various fields such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment. They are especially suitable for demanding applications that require high performance in extreme environments such as high temperature and abrasive conditions. Technical ceramics have been used in producing electrical and electromechanical components, cutting tools, bioceramics, wafer processing tools, among others.

In the electronics industry, the use of technical ceramics is prevalent in the production of semiconductors as they provide excellent heat dissipation and electrical insulation capabilities. Moreover, technical ceramics possess improved hardness, toughness, and durability compared to traditional ones, making them appropriate for cutting tools. In the dental and orthopedic implant sector, where safety and biocompatibility elements are crucial, technical ceramics deliver bioceramic materials for bone grafts, joint prostheses, and dental implants.


Itowu remains a dependable solution provider for technical ceramics. Their significant experience and expertise in technical ceramics are unmatched, coupled with their reputation for delivering quality and reliable solutions to industrial businesses.

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