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Introducing the C28 Capacitor: Empowering Electronics with High Voltage Capability

Din electronics presents the C28 metallized polypropylene film capacitor, an electronic component specialized for high-voltage applications. This capacitor is built to withstand significant voltage surges and is equipped with exceptional flame retardancy and moisture-proof properties. Additionally, it possesses a negative temperature coefficient of capacitance. Th capacitor is a dependable option for a wide range of uses, including electronic ballasts. Let’s dive into the benefits of these high-voltage capacitors.

Resilience in High Voltage Environments

When engineers seek high-voltage capacitors capable of withstanding demanding conditions, the C28 emerges as a top contender. Its robust design allows it to endure high excess voltage shocks, ensuring a stable performance in electronic circuits facing rigorous high voltage environments.

Temperature Adaptability with Negative Coefficient

Temperature fluctuations can impact electronic systems, but the C28 capacitor stands resilient. With its negative temperature coefficient of capacitance, it adapts seamlessly to varying temperatures. This characteristic makes it a preferred choice for applications where consistent capacitance is crucial.

Ideal for Electronic Ballasts

Electronic ballasts demand components that guarantee safety and stability. The C28, with its high voltage capabilities, proves to be an ideal fit for electronic ballasts. Its robustness, coupled with flame retardant and moisture-proof features, ensures reliable performance, making it a valuable component in lighting systems.


In conclusion, Din electronics’ C28 metallized polypropylene film capacitor defines reliability in the world of electronic components. Whether navigating high voltage environments or contributing to the stability of electronic ballasts, the C28 showcases its resilience. With high-voltage capacitors like the C28, engineers can trust in the robust performance needed for diverse electronic systems, proving that reliability is at the core of Din electronics’ offerings.

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