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Enhancing Precision and Stability with SMT Pogo Pins

Pomagtor, a committed manufacturer of test probes and pogo pins, is essential to the semiconductor testing and electronics industries. Due to their outstanding precision and dependability, smt pogo pins—also known as test pins or spring-loaded pins—are widely employed in a variety of applications.

Double-Contact Structure for High Concentricity Connectors

Pomagtor’s SMT pogo pins are distinguished by their double-contact structure, making them well-suited for connectors with high concentricity requirements. This innovative design involves placing the spring directly on the conical tail needle of the needle shaft, resulting in vertical stress on the shaft. As a result, the shaft size can be reduced while maintaining stability and reliability in operation. The double-contact structure of Pomagtor’s SMT pogo pins enhances their overall performance and suitability for demanding applications.

Promoting Stability Through Reduced Shaft Vibration

The SMT pogo pins from Pomagtor have a special design that reduces the likelihood of the needle shaft swaying. The spring is stored in the cone-shaped tail of the needle shaft, which has a cone-shaped bottom. This configuration drastically lowers the possibility of pointless vibration, assuring constant and dependable electrical contact. The SMT pogo pins from Pomagtor perform and are reliable in a variety of applications thanks to their revolutionary design.


In summary, Pomagtor specializes in the production of smt pogo pins and test probes, essential components in the electronics industry and semiconductor testing field. With their double-contact structure and reduced shaft vibration design, these pins offer superior performance, reliability, and stability in high-demand applications.

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