Enhancing Chicken Growth and Egg Production with Hontech Wins’ LED Lights for Laying Hens

When it comes to poultry farming, the importance of lighting cannot be overstated. Chickens have a wider range of vision than humans, making it essential to provide them with the right spectrum of light. Hontech Wins, a trusted provider of LED lighting solutions, understands this crucial requirement and has developed specialized LED lights for laying hens. These innovative lights, composed of red, blue, and green colors, are designed to promote healthy chicken growth and enhance egg production. With Hontech Wins’ LED lights for laying hens, poultry farmers can maximize their flock’s potential and achieve exceptional results.

Different colors, different functions

Each color within Hontech Wins’ LED lights for laying hens serves a specific purpose. The blue color helps keep layers calm and reduces feather pecking among chicks, creating a stress-free environment. The red color stimulates increased food intake, enhances egg production, activates movement, and accelerates sexual development. Additionally, the green color plays a vital role in boosting the growth rate of chickens at an early age by enhancing the proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells and improving egg quality.

Specially designed LED light spectrum

Hontech Wins has meticulously crafted the LED light spectrum for layers and laying hens. Their LED chips, producing a spectrum of 2700K or a full spectrum, combine red LEDs with blue and green phosphors. This careful combination ensures that the lighting solution provides the optimal wavelengths required for the growth, health, and egg production of layers and laying hens.

Hontech Wins: A trusted partner in poultry lighting

Hontech Wins has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional LED lighting solutions, helping numerous customers increase their sales value and receiving positive feedback from poultry farmers. With their experience and dedication to meeting the specific requirements of poultry farm projects, Hontech Wins continues to develop products that are even more suitable for chicken growth. By choosing Hontech Wins as their LED light supplier, poultry farmers can rely on their expertise, high-quality products, and commitment to customer satisfaction to enhance their laying hen operations.


Hontech Wins’ LED lights for laying hens are specifically designed to optimize chicken growth and egg production. With their innovative approach of combining different colors in a single light, Hontech Wins ensures that layers and laying hens receive the ideal lighting conditions tailored to their needs. The specially designed LED light spectrum, created through a combination of red, blue, and green colors, supports healthy growth, enhances egg production, and promotes overall flock well-being. Partnering with Hontech Wins empowers poultry farmers to unlock the full potential of their laying hens and achieve outstanding results in their poultry farming endeavors.

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